Our Team

Passionate, Potential and Perseverant team with collective experience of more than 100 years that shares vision to innovate technology for Sustainable future.

We are not only building world class platform but also the culture, environment and trust that needs to developed within Team, Customers and Partners.

Our Think Tank

Shampa Choudhury
CEO and Founder

Pritam Ganguly
COO and Co-Founder

Aneel K

Indranil Sarmacharya

Shivani Singh
Marketing Director

Magic Makers

Ardhendu Patnaik
Business Director

Ankit Rai
Business Manager

Prasenjit Mandal
Solution Architect

Souvik Roy
Solution Architect

Ajay G P
Operations Manager

Madhusudhana dg
Associate Accounts Manager

Kumaresh Bhattacharjee
Operations Head

Rituparna Basak
Principal Software Engineer

Sanhik Chatterjee
Project Manager

Aparajita Mishra
Software Engineer

Soumen Das
Senior Service Engineer

Sukanya Pandit Adhikary
Accounting Manager

Christabell Shiku
Associate HR Manager

Din Zem
Design Executive

Himanshu Bhende
Data Science Intern

Shramana Patra
Senior Software Engineer Analyst

Tanumoy Mondal
Software Engineer Analyst

Vedmati Bhagat
Senior Software Engineer