Integrated Mobility Platform for managing daily trips, on Faster, Safer and Greener route.

Join us and transform the way you commute.

First to Last mile journey
An integrated platform that provides a complete journey options using multi-mode of transports
Providing a greener, more efficient future
Enables urban planners to fast forward Net zero, climate change & other environmental and SDG initiatives
One-Stop Mobility Solution for People
End-end trip planning with with seamless payment options.
Partnering with Cities
We partner with cities and enterprises to manage smart transportation on Quantum AI.

About Us

At Citility, our mission is to revolutionize the way you commute through our multi-modal urban mobility platform.

We believe that technological innovation can reduce congestion, environmental damage, and inefficiency.

How we change the world.

The people who are passionate, crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. We, as Team are not only building world class solutions, platform but also the culture, environment and trust that needs to developed within Team, Customers and Partners

Internet of things
Our Solution involves high end cloud & mobile platform that offers the promise of massive cost savings combined with increased IT agility.
Classical and Quantum AI Engine
With the enhanced ability to understand the parking data, we expertise in building Predictive and Prescriptive model to improve economies of scale for mobility industry.

Some of our partners.

We are trusted by the Best in the industry and growing every day. And we collaborate with Enterprises, Cities and Communities to help move people, goods efficiently from point A to B.